Xscape Entertainment Center

Welcoming playground outside entertainment center invites people to have fun from the moment they step out of their car.

To a child, a playground gives countless moments of pleasure to treasure. To a parent, it allows them to watch their child develop. To a developer, it is the opportunity to put a brighter face on a project. Projects like Xscape in Castleford, Yorkshire. The interior of the leisure complex is crammed with interesting activities, but the exterior needed some sparkle. The answer lay in a brightly colored toddlers play area, one to complement the exciting opportunities inside awaiting siblings and elders.

Play in Entertainment Centre

Opposite the main door to Xscape, the pirate ship heads for a raised tower, around it a single spinner bowl awaits a young guest and a multispinner carousel is ready for five. Along with a climbing frame and sway alley for the more adventurous, a see-saw for those with a friend and a bright blue dolphin springer, the colorful compact collection gives a bright welcome to the entertainment center.







This space was dead space. Now there’s a sort of vibrancy to the area and a sense of theater.

Jade Elliott

Marketing Manager, Xscape Yorkshire

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