We challenge families to be active

New collaboration will stop tendency of inactive play and trigger people to be active in a fun and social way with new thrilling obstacle courses for the public space.

 APRIL 10, 2017 – “Nowadays, children rather play on their smartphones instead of playing outside with their friends. With the Family Obstacle Run we encourage parents and children to go outside again, to work out and have fun together like we used to (before the world went digital). The cooperation with KOMPAN gives families the perfect opportunity to train for our events beforehand with the whole family. Together we will make families fitter and encourage them to go outside again.” Erwin van Haren, Marketing Manager of Strong Viking.

Play and sports equipment manufacturer, KOMPAN, enters a 3-year agreement with obstacle run organiser, Strong Viking. KOMPAN launches this spring a new concept for free publicly available obstacle courses. Experts from Strong Viking took part of product development, and the result is a safe, challenging and fun design that fits all ages and abilities. The new obstacles will be used at this year’s Strong Viking Family Runs in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Obstacle runs began as military training, and later they turned into extreme races for athletes too. Since the early days, obstacle runs have inspired a lot of people - old and young. Inspiration generates interest, so recently obstacle runs have been designed to fit all kinds of participants, even children.

The obstacle course is an ideal activity for families. It challenges and develops physical fitness, confidence, courage, willpower, resolution and mental toughness. Parents work as role models helping the children through the obstacles and the learnings they give.

“Do it together, do it with your children and teach them that an active lifestyle is a fun lifestyle.” Rob Boogmans, Director of KOMPAN Fitness Institute.


Experience the obstacles with your family on following dates:

  • May 27-28 Amsterdam (NL)
  • June 4 Frankfurt am Main (DE)
  • September 9-10 Nijmegen (NL)
  • September 17 Roskilde (DK)


Shaping happier and healthier societies is KOMPAN’s mission. We do that by stimulating physical activity, learning and social interaction in the solutions we offer. For over 45 years, KOMPAN has been designing unique play solutions for its customers. It has always been KOMPAN’s wish that as children and adolescents evolve into adulthood they preserve the joy and health benefits of movement. With healthy and happy adults as role models, the children of the future will be more likely to follow their lead – creating an ongoing legacy of movement. KOMPAN’s solutions are developed for all people and communities to enjoy the benefits of play and movement. www.kompan.com

About Strong Viking

Strong Viking is the biggest obstacle run organizer in Europe with 18 events in 2017, spread over 4 countries. In addition to the regular Strong Viking events (7km, 13km and 19km), they also organise family obstacle run events in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Strong Viking has won multiple awards including the Best European Obstacle Run Series and several awards for ‘Best Obstacles’, ‘Best Family Run’ and ‘Best Mud’. www.familyobstaclerun.com – www.strongviking.com

More information

KOMPAN Dennis Petersen, Marketing Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +45 9136 5518

Strong Viking Erwin van Haren, Marketing Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +31 (0)64 56 38 589

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