Outdoor Classrooms

Now more than ever, there is a need for outdoor learning in an environment that provides space and flexibility. 

Outdoor classrooms to supplement indoor teaching will allow you to create more space for students, create variation in your teaching forms, and even more so, give students the chance to experience the many benefits of learning while being outdoors. 

Click on the link below to learn how a school district in Saratoga Springs, New York created outdoor classrooms to help maximize the use of the beautiful natural environment while providing a safe, engaging educational environment for students and teachers.


Space for Hands-On activities

Learning in the Fresh Air

Easy to provide safe distances

Saratoga Springs, NY

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Take your indoor teaching outdoors

By utilizing play equipment, you can reinvent your traditional indoor classroom – outdoors!

With our equipment and expertise you can create a functional outdoor space that will serve both as an innovative outdoor classroom AND a fun activity area.  KOMPAN offers a range of solutions designed to support learning in the outdoors across early childhood through higher education as well as community programming.