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The family unit is precious, the hub of a society, it is central to turning a group of people into a community. Developers for a new town in Queensland, Australia recognized this even before they set their architects to work. Essential in the very first plans for Brentwood Forest was not just a playground, but a focal point to serve the entire community. The result, a playground with an outdoor fitness area integrated, almost seamlessly, so that everyone could benefit from the facility and even more so, from the environment created by simply being together, like a family. Including such a community centerpiece to a new neighborhood adds value for the developer and helps attract families to a newly established residential area. 


Ageless design

Childhood has a clock ticking away at its precious timeline, but the developers of Brentwood Forest have found that the desire to play knows few age boundaries. The adults watching their children in action at Tucker’s Family playground can’t resist the desire to try things out, in particular the massive tunnel slide.

Play for children is a mixture of fun and thrills, of pushing personal boundaries, and the designers at KOMPAN constantly set new limits, safely raising the bar. The thirty foot climb to the Corcord Quad Cube Tower slide’s entrance has proven to be too much of a temptation for everyone – good design is ageless.





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A healthy community is a fit community.

The designers and architects behind the new urban development of Brentwood Forest observed other established communities and the almost spontaneous craving to exercise out in the open air. They immediately saw a way of funnelling that natural appetite for working out by incorporating a KOMPAN fitness facility into the new town’s plans.

The exercise equipment with magnetic bells, pull up bars, parallel bars, suspension trainers, steps and much more quickly attracted a loyal and dedicated following, from individuals to organized groups. The facility became a club, one without membership, but with dawn-to-dusk loyal participants.

While children play on the playground just a few yards away, the parents can make most of the waiting time and get their work out on with the high quality fitness equipment from KOMPAN. 


It’s brought the community together. We‘ve got fantastic feedback to all the different uses within the park and it’s been a fantastic gathering place for the whole community.

Peter MacLeod

Development Manager, AVID Property Group

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