The Westminster Schools

Welcome to the The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA! 

The Westminster Schools' playground was specifically designed to complement the school's rigorous academic standards with rigorous play time. The students and teachers played a collaborative role in the design process, to make sure that their new playground reflected fun 'play with a purpose' - by building physical strength through a variety of challenging climbing, balancing and spinning activities.

The KOMPAN design process is hands-on and collaborative, check out some of our custom playgrounds. As partners throughout the playground development process, we listen to and incorporate feedback from all stakeholders: everyone from the children and teachers, up to the local engineers and contractors. We performed multiple site visits and carefully sited our equipment to prevent impacts on heritage trees. We removed existing structures and barriers and re-graded the site to restore it closer to its pre-development state. This created a seamless flow between forest and playground, made more of the site accessible to the children, and provides a truly unique playground solution that exceeds all expectations. 

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A KOMPAN Tailored Solution

The playground site features natural slopes with a variety of abundant trees, and it was important to maintain this natural topography during the design process. It was also important that the new playground blend seamlessly with this beautiful landscape. Two embankment slides flank both side entrances of the playground, while one super-wide embankment slide provides a dramatic entrance to the playground. This main slide provides immediate entry to the triple Sky Cabin, which not only compels climbing, it also rewards climbers with a sense of achievement as well as panoramic view of the playground. The custom Robinia structures include a custom parkour course, tree climber, custom Robinia climbing fort, as well as spider web strategically contoured around a large oak tree. Westminster students will always be challenged in the classroom, and their new playground provides their students with endless ways to challenge themselves and grow through play.





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In designing Westminster’s Lower School playground, I was inspired foremost by the love and pride the children have for their campus and its trees. The design restores and enhances the natural features present on the site while providing the children with a challenging play experience. This means children play at the edge of their ability, and they are encouraged to stretch and extend those boundaries. This is both the foundation of Kompan’s philosophy of play and Westminster’s approach to education. The result is a playground where bright, motivated students have ownership and can nurture their curiosity through self-directed play every single day.

Diana Molina, ASLA

KOMPAN Landscape Architectural Designer