The risk-benefit equation of challenging playgrounds

Exploring the benefits of challenging playgrounds 

Exploring the benefits of challenging playgrounds 

This article debates the importance of thrill in children’s playgrounds. Playgrounds are places where children learn how to navigate the world securely. This is an important life skill that children only learn by doing. 

Many parents and grandparents find playgrounds risky. However, existing research shows that good playgrounds are important for developing children’s physical literacy, and that physically challenging play actions teach children to handle risk. 

Get a profound understanding of the benefits of challenging playgrounds by reading this article.




5 Tips for Safe and Challenging Play


Use the possible fun features of the landscape in your design (eg. slopes, streams)


Choose play equipment that is age appropriate and developed and tested with children


Make sure that play equipment is certified to meet safety standards


Make sure that the play area meets space and surfacing safety guidelines


Choose robust, durable technical solutions for equipment that moves