The diamond of outdoor furniture

Strength wrapped in beauty - aesthetics to last the test of time

The AGORA series is one of the toughest outdoor furniture series on the market and offers highly durable and vandalism resistant full steel versions of all products in the assortment. Besides being highly durable, the series is developed according to the latest inclusive design principles for outdoor furniture without compromising on design. Qualities that granted the assortment a Red Dot Design Award in 2019.  

The series now introduces a new design to the portofolio - the Hangout (to the left). Like the entire portfolio, the new design is available in a highly durable full-steel version and in an array of colours to match customer needs.  

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Full steel - full life time


The complete Agora series is available in a highly vandalism-resistant and durable full steel version where tabletops and seats are made of perforated HDG steel. The frame is in hot-dip galvanized steel, leaving little need for maintenance.

A pleasant place to hang out


The new design Hangout offers a pleasant place to meet and socialise. The design allows users to both sit and stand which allows it to fit in well in sports facilities as an onlooker point, in parks as a casual meet up point or in the school yard for a social rest in between play. 

Inclusive as standard


Installing AGORA furniture in a public area goes beyond satisfying all inclusive design requirements. AGORA's inclusive design allows wheelchair users to fully access the table and get the same social experience as people without disabilities.