We care about children. We care about their future.

Let’s play green.

For a brighter future, we never stop investigating ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

•In sourcing, every effort is made to use totally sustainable resources or raw materials generated through recycled waste.
•In manufacturing, what little waste we have is recycled. In play 100% safe products are the target and the number one priority.


A great playground interacts with children, and children touch, jump, slide, kick and might even kiss or lick the playground. That is why all surfaces need to be safe. We go beyond the required outdoor playground standards and also comply with the toy standard EN 71-3 for Migration of Certain Elements.


Robinia is amongst the most prolific of trees, it is strong and grows rapidly, the perfect partner for our wooden products.

Our Robinia supplies come from countries in Europe from plantations and from natural forest under responsible sustainable forest management.

We also offer other types of wood certified by FSC®.


In the workshop, material usage is optimized, and the rest is recycled. For example the cutting process of panels is computer generated in order to minimize residue.

Then, like every offcut of plastic, every speck of sawdust is gathered and recycled.


The KOMPAN EcoCoreTM panel, made of layers of HDPE, has many applications in playgrounds and outdoor fitness, such as sides, roofs and seats.

It is a highly durable, eco-friendly panel, which is not only recyclable after use, but also consists of a core produced from 100% recycled, controlled material.


KOMPAN supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of Environment, Climate, Social, Human Rights and Anti-Corruption.

In this annual Communication on Progress, we describe our actions to improve the integration of the Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy continuously, culture and daily operations.

Read the complete report from KOMPAN (pdf)


Wood-plastic composite panels are used for our Multi Use Games Areas. They are made of recycled wood and HDPE.

Besides its green profile, the panel has the same texture look as wood, is highly durable and never needs painting or treating with oil.