Street Workout & Calisthenics Updates

Inspired by experts - designed for fitness enthusiasts

Street workout and calisthenics are growing increasingly popular.

This discipline is gaining a foothold with the youth especially, creating a need for street workout and calisthenics equipment in schools, parks, and even on the street corner.

The new KOMPAN Street Workout & Calisthenics solutions offer numerous exercises in one structure, leaving a very little footprint and fitting into areas where space optimization is key.

New features for the users


Optimised Grip

For best possible hand grip, the dimensions of the pull up bars are optimised to 32mm. The strength of the bar is secured through a conical design and a full steel bar.


Extra Wide Pull Up Bars

138 cm wide pull-up bars designed to give plenty of space to dynamic exercises and promote sideways exercises such as the typewriter pull up.

New Solutions

1. The Ultimate Bodyweight Station

10 different workout stations in one. This combination package offers a superior street workout and calisthenics experience, featuring all essential elements for users to release their creativity.

2. Compact Combination Package

Seven workout stations in one, within 135 sq. ft. Including incline bench, parallel bars, push-up bar, decline press, Swedish ladder, human flag wall, and pull-up station.

3. Human Flag Wall

The ultimate street workout and calisthenics exercise. The wall is designed to prepare and promote for this impressive gravity-defying exercise.

4. Parallel Bars Times Three

By adding a third parallel bar, two people can exercise face-to-face. The bars are extra high to accommodate space for dips with extended legs and more explosive exercises.