Street Workout

Streetwise Route to Optimal Fitness

The products in the Street Workout series are seemingly simple but offer a most comprehensive fitness system based on calisthenics. Utilizing bars of different sizes and formations, positions and heights, participants can attempt and perfect exercises from classic pullups to the extreme challenge of the human flag.

Lead by the unassuming Combi 1 Pro, the system grows through four ever more challenging variations to the fully inclusive Combi 5. Each level is an invitation for personal or social interaction with the common goal of getting fit. With calisthenics you bring one of the most vital pieces of equipment with you, your body. Using it as a counterbalance there are numerous exercises on the parallel, pull-up and push up bars, benches and the specialist features like the wide overhead ladder and the incline press.

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Street Workout can be more than just exercise – the equipment and environment are an open invitation for group participation. That group activity can be generated by organised trainers or generated by new friendships established through sharing a neighbourhood and a common interest.  

Frequently asked questions about Calisthenics and Street workout

What is Calisthenics?

It is one of the oldest recognized, organized forms of exercise. The armies of Alexander the Great and the Spartans practiced it. It is a form of exercise that involves large muscle groups by running, standing, pushing and pulling and using your bodyweight as a tool or a counterbalance. Calisthenics is spelt with one ‘l’ in US English, but the programs and results are the same.  Calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek meaning beautiful strength.

How many different combinations of equipment do we need for a full workout?

Calisthenics is based on simplicity and there is a huge degree of flexibility in each piece of equipment, but the more extensive the setup, the greater the opportunities. Street workouts are ideal for ‘pop-in’ exercises but with a little planning they can be used as circuit training sessions.  

What is the most useful piece of street workout equipment?

This is a difficult question since a proper workout requires variety, however, pull up and parallel bars are not something that are easily replicated in the real world. 

Is Street Workout all-weather?

The powder-coated surface is termed all-weather and the equipment might only be unusable in extreme conditions. Heat and freezing in the case of steel bars and poles and perhaps snow in the case of the surface. 

What is the best surface?

The need is to have one that dampens movement upon landing. Pour-in-place rubber surfacing is flat and smooth and since it is an open surface, it drains quickly.

Need advice?

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