KOMPAN Cardio Exercise Equipment

Improved Ergonomics, Better Results

The KOMPAN Cardio family moves some of the more complex indoor gym equipment out into the fresh air and expands its potential by utilizing the technology many of us already use, the smartphone. The two bikes, the City and the Sport, each give a different exercise experience. and bother are available  with and without a 7” touchscreen. All bikes can connect with your smartphone using the KOMPAN Cardio App or other programs to guide or record your progress as you toward your cardiovascular fitness goals. The resistance in each piece is adjusted through ten levels from 25 to 750 watts – and you are your own power bank.  A third option, the Arm Bike, also has the capability of connecting with your smartphone – and is accessible from both sides allowing users to sit or stand. The openness also provides easy access for wheelchair users.

The popular Cross Trainer known from the indoor fitness world is now also available for outdoor training. And with ergonomics improved even more. KOMPAN's Cross Trainer provides an intense workout and adds an extra intensity layer with a special glute mode. 

The four pieces of equipment, seven if you include the touchscreen variations,  are available in orange or black. The adjustable resistance is an important feature in that it allows the session to be individually customized.