Snow Hinton Park

A Landmark for Residents and Visitors Alike

When the Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority decided to renovate a major city park, they wanted a new playground to serve as a landmark for residents and visitors alike. They also wanted the playground to serve as a meeting place for the entire community, regardless of age. They knew they didn’t want traditional hard plastic or wooden playground equipment – and they turned to KOMPAN for inspiration on what to build instead. With all this in mind, KOMPAN designed a custom playground based on COROCORD rope constructions.

A Thrilling Experience 

When children climb the fascinating COROCORD nets, cross the fun bridge on top and slide down the giant slide, they work hard to overcome the various challenges, building critical motor skills in the process. The giant net structure embraces its surroundings while forming a highly visible landmark for the city. Most importantly, though, it delivers outstanding play value for Tuscaloosa residents and visitors to the town. “The new space-net and tall tube-slide have created lots of excitement in our city. Any time you visit the park there are children and adults climbing together with plenty of smiles. KOMPAN was a great fit for our mission of enriching our community through exciting recreational and cultural opportunities,” says Gary Minor, Executive Director, Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority. 





This wonderful unit offers play for many. It is not for the risk adverse, a tickle of the stomach is guaranteed on this climb and slide. The physical play options span widely and there is an offer for everyone, as the bouncy climb starts from step one and the movement of the other climbers can be felt throughout the entire spacenet. Nothing is as inviting as the bouncy climb, responding to each and every movement not only from the individual climber, but from all climbers!

 KOMPAN was a great fit for our mission of enriching our community, through exciting recreational and cultural opportunities

Gary Minor, Executive Director, Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority