Children playing on KOMPAN's playground equipment for schools


Schools are expected to provide training in both academic and life skills.

Play areas are excellent learning spaces for developing children’s social and physical skills. An increasing number of children lead sedentary lives and need support and direction for their social behavior. Well-planned outdoor school areas provide the foundation for addressing children’s play needs.

The World Health Organization recommends that children above the age of five years take steps to improve motor skills, maintain overall conditioning, and develop bone density and strength. Age-appropriate school play areas offer a variety of opportunities for physical activity to motivate children, including less agile children, to be active in a self-directed and fun way.

Teachers report that social skills, such as waiting for your turn, are best learned when children are forced to adopt these behaviors in everyday activity. Well-planned school play areas foster this social interaction.

A school playground planned meticulously to support free, guided and instructed play can offer all children a varied and motivating learning experience. These playgrounds can also be an educational tool for teachers, providing an environment for active, curriculum-aligned learning experiences.


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