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School playground equipment for Elementary School

Engage and educate your students with our specially designed Elementary school playground equipment

A school playground is so much more than just a breakout area. Quality playground equipment engages children and makes school more enjoyable, boosting attention spans and general student satisfaction in the process. We believe that every school needs an exceptional playground, which is why we offer a variety of popular primary playground equipment in numerous different styles.

Our playground equipment offers the perfect combination of sensory, physical, cognitive-creative and social stimuli, making it versatile and useful in education as well as play. Similarly, include KOMPAN’s exceptional school age playground equipment in your lesson plans and watch student engagement soar.

Our range of playground equipment covers all play activities. Elementary school children's favorites are known to be:


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Playground equipment built on user involvement and research

All KOMPAN Playground equipment is developed in collaboration between product engineering to secure high safety and quality standards and the experts in play and child development at KOMPAN Play Institute.

To ensure that the playground equipment develops and engages children, the institute works to answer the questions:

  • What makes a playground great for the child? 
  • What are the best play motivators for children to play, stay and come back again and again?
  • Which designs inspire children to play and develop physically, social-emotionally and cognitive-creatively?

Learn how to design physically active playgrounds for schools

Outdoor classrooms for Preschoolers

The need for more safely distanced learning in the outdoors is now greater than ever. Outdoor classrooms is the answer!

Creating an outdoor classroom will give you:

  • extra teaching space
  • room for social distancing
  • teaching space in the outdoors 

Outdoor classrooms to supplement indoor classrooms will allow you to create more space for students, provide variation in your teaching, and even more so, give preschoolers the chance to experience the many benefits of learning and being more outdoors.

Need advice on how to do it at your school? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Marymount International School in Rome, Itally has created outdoor classrooms for their school's Preschool children

The school has created different play and learning zones with a music area, a theater, teaching sit-down areas, and physical play areas.