Princeton House Charter School

Princeton House Charter School is a school for children on the autism spectrum serving grades Pre-K up through 5th grade. The school wanted to provide their students with inclusive equipment that promotes many different types of play. It was especially important to incorporate spinning equipment, as motion plays a vital role in the development of childrens' vestibular systems, which improves physical stability. KOMPAN worked with the school to create a solution tailored to their student's needs to provide them with play opportunities and increase their social and physical development.


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Tailored To The Students' Needs

"We were looking not only for equipment, but somebody who represented the company well and we could also have a relationship with them. I think it's very helpful to have somebody in the area, such as Ralph (Local KOMPAN Play Consultant), who if we needed anything we could give him  a call and he's reach back quickly to us. He brought a lot of his knowledge and experience to the table and we relied on that heavily since we don't have a lot of background in designing playground."

- Kim Gelalia, Principal
Princeton House Charter School









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