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KOMPAN is the world's leading manufacturer of playground equipment. We offer a vast assortment of innovative and unique playground structures that are tailored to fit your needs. Whether it's for a private school or an urban public park, our unique playground equipment appeals to all ages, and offers great play value. From a Robinia Castle, to a Spacenet, KOMPAN structures allow for kids to let their imaginations run wild while remaining active in a fun and safe space.

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At KOMPAN, our mission is to make communities happier and healthier through play. Not only are children naturally motivated and excited to play, but play also promotes their social, physical, cognitive, and creative development. 

That's why The World Health Organization recommends play as the primary form of exercise for children. All of the physical and cognitive benefits of play are enhanced on our playgrounds, because our playground are:

  • Based on Research: At the KOMPAN Play Institute, we meticulously research the benefits of our designs on actual users and use real user feedback.
  • Aimed at Child Development: Our playgrounds uniformly target cognitive and physical skills so that play is, not only fun, but also educational and enriching.
  • Customizable: We want children to get the most out of our playgrounds. That's why we work with you to design a playground that is best suited to your unique location and community.
  • Safe and Long-Lasting: We proudly uphold global standards of sustainability and ethics from the sourcing of the materials, to the long-lasting durability of the products; even to their sustainable disposal. 
  • Versatile: Great for both urban and natural environments, our playgrounds are designed to be vandalism-resistant and last for decades, backed by our warranty and service agreement. 
  • Universally Designed: KOMPAN playgrounds are designed to be accessible to all needs, all ages, and all skill levels. We encourage confidence through success and growth through challenge. 

We look forward to answer your questions and hear about your ideas!

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