The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen: The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Tinderbox are parts of childhood loved by children and adults all over the world.

Besides being magnets for play, the Hans Christian Andersen play equipment is designed to either work brilliantly as standalone play structures, like all other KOMPAN solutions, or as play structures with a virtual, interactive digital layer. No matter the dimension, these fairytale structures offer hours of physical and imaginative play.

  • age-appropriate physical challenges for the 1 to 8-year-olds
  • a strong basis for language stimulation through role-play
  • inspiration for good social conduct through the moral insights and universal truths of the fairy tales (i.e. learning about bullying from “The Ugly Duckling” fairy tale)
  • a vast number of digital games supporting learning, edutainment and fun

This way, adults and children alike can share play, learning, and cultural experiences in the playground, back home, or at school.

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