Look out from beneath the waterfall, run from the tiger, or climb to the top of the trees. For every child, the jungle is an adventure waiting to happen. Playing here will inspire dramatic play, communication and physical activity. The straight tube slide is an exciting, high-speed ride. The spiral tube slide further enhances the understanding of space, speed and distance with a 360-degree experience. Leaves, branches and flowers on the roof and posts make the Jungle a multi-colored and magnificent sight for children and adults.

Final designs and data depend on regional safety standards.

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Product number: KDSM_JUNGLE_GIANT_US

Art: GIANTS Inspirational Concepts

Series: Play Systems


Side drawing
Plan drawing
Product picture CAD1

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Our aim is threefold: to create a WOW reaction that stimulates a desire to STAY, and through play, physically and mentally DEVELOP - learn more in our video about play.

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