Robinia Ships

Ahoy, all daredevils and pirates, beware!

If your playground has been conquered by sea monsters and pirates, then it’s time to get everybody on deck and out to sea. KOMPAN’s Robinia Ships are packed with fun, adventurecreating activities that will have children playing and exploring for hours on end. With so much to explore, the play stories are likely to reach beyond the seven seas, and before you know it, you’ll be receiving conquered gold coins in return for just 5 more minutes on the playground.

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Pirate Ship. Medium. Colored version.


Pirate Ship, Large, Coloured version


The large Explorer Ship is an intense play vessel, drawing on children's zest for exploration and adventure. The rich variety and amount of play events in the ship will attract children and make them want to come back again and again. The varieties of climbing and crawling on bouncy and stable,