Robinia Ships

Ahoy, all daredevils and pirates, beware!

If your playground has been conquered by sea monsters and pirates, then it’s time to get everybody on deck and out to sea. KOMPAN’s Robinia Ships are packed with fun, adventure creating activities that will have children playing and exploring for hours on end.  Children love the hint of danger in their adventures. As a lingering menace, pirates fall into the same story-generating arena as ogres, dragons and ghosts. 

Much like two pirate captains, no two Robinia ships are identical. Each has its own character with distinct features as the Robinia wood creates a feeling of authenticity.  The ships are filled with places to hide, climb, to role play, helping shape the young buccaneer’s character, communication ability and physical development. These are more than hours of play, they are voyages of self-discovery.  

Browse below and set sail on your Robinia adventure.





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