Robinia Balancing

Down-to-earth learning

Balance is a self-challenging game which embeds vital life skills into a child without them even noticing. It is often a simple concept, but whether it is a beam, a row of stilts or a wobble bridge the lure to ‘just try me’ is irresistible. Once a child embarks on a balance trail they return to it again and again until walking across the waterlilies or the three beams becomes as natural as walking.  

Balancing helps train the eyesight and the child’s ability to concentrate. Two very basic skills that both improve children’s readiness for school and their performance when going to school. A good sense of balance also helps the child be active – skills like kicking a ball or running both draw on the child’s ability to balance properly.  

Balance also stimulates the imagination. To a child, the row of steps can become the only route across a crocodile-filled lagoon or pit of molten lava and they can share this game with others, helping to further develop social interaction skills.

Robinia balancing equipment can be placed in numerous ways – alone, together, or in a line. Your playground, your choice, your imagination.

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