Nature Play

Natural playground – explore our Nature Play

Wooden playground equipment creates a natural play environment and invites children to interact with natural materials and structures.

Our Nature Play category is dominated by one word,  Robinia. We use other hardwoods and pine where appropriate, but the arrival of a new shipment of Robinia at our Brno factory is a moment of excitement. That’s because Robinia is a joy to work with. Its strength is held in its grain and we let the grain dictate how we use each piece of timber. In turn, it rewards us all by making every Robinia structure and feature individual, every Castle telling a different tale, every Play System a unique challenge.

Totally sustainable, the European Robinia is more than just a component material.  With its strength, durability and potential it is at the center of our Nature Play range in the Villages, Ships, Obstacle Courses and for Preschoolers, Play, Act, Learn products.  KOMPAN helps bring the natural playground to a new level of playful development.