Supernova, carousels & spinners

One good turn

It’s totally natural for children to want to spin. Even without play equipment they love twirling round and getting dizzy. Spinners and carousels are the perfect vehicles for physical development, building muscles and bone density. It also pushes evolving nervous systems into new areas. Above all, in the simple action of just revolving, the sense of balance, a vital life skill,.is further enhanced.

KOMPAN’s spinners and carousels add innovation to the joy of spinning and attract children of all ages and abilities. The wide range, from stand up Spicas and Supernovas to sitting in Spinner Bowls, or the Tipi Carousel, our spinners allow a variety of actions while creating opportunities for social play and practicing the life skills of making friends, taking turns and thoughtful sharing. 

Children cannot get enough of the sensation of speed and spinning. Our range contains both traditional carousels and innovative spinning products like our award-winning Supernova.


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