Just one more ride

Commercial slides are just one of the many most popular playground equipment.No matter their age, children love a good playground slide! When visiting a playground, the slide is often the activity they run to first and demand a final play on before heading home – ‘just one more time, please!’ Sliding trains the child's spatial awareness, which among other factors is important for managing traffic safely as well as their sense of balance. Also, sitting upright while sliding down helps strengthen the core muscles. 

KOMPAN's stand-alone slides offer numerous play activities. Whether the children use the commercial playground slide or play hide and seek underneath it, imagination is the only limit. The high panels offer a great sense of security and form the perfect lookout point. KOMPAN’s embanked slides are ideal if you want to reduce the risk of falling. The play advantage of an embankment slide is the interaction that can occur with friends when going down the very same hill as friends running or climbing up or down.

Together with seesaw playgrounds and swings, the slide is an original yet essential part of any playground.

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Click below to see the different types of slides KOMPAN offers, as well as playground slide material. Get sliding! 

What are the stimulating benefits of a KOMPAN slide?

Commercial playground slides are a thrill rush and contribute to important aspects of motor-skill development. Children train and improve agility when climbing up a playground slide and balance, coordination, and spatial awareness when shooting down: all necessary skills when judging distance and navigating safely in traffic.

Slides for playgrounds require younger children to anticipate cause and effect and managing rhythms. The height and length of playground slides train children’s judgement of distance and speeds. All these are important cognitive abilities that are crucial to develop through childhood and can be learned by sliding in a fun playground. 

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