Sand & water play

A vital part of a child’s creative and cognitive development

In a world full of solid blocks and hard knocks, the sensory experience of something so delightfully tactile as slippery water and squishy sand is a welcome opportunity to play and learn at the same time.  A staple of preschool playground equipment, the sensory play activities of sand and water stimulate children to engage in creative expression and experimentation. The manipulation of the elements teaches children cause and effect, while the constructing objects with sand gives the child a sense of success and accomplishment. The design of KOMPAN sand and water stations encourage children to engage and play together. Children learn to take turns, share ideas and inspiration, and collaborate with the creativity and ideas of others.
Read our whitepaper regarding sensory playground ideas for even more inspiration. 

KOMPAN’s sand and water stations are available in several shapes, sizes, materials and even themes like the Waterfall and Chain and Mermaid’s Fountain, helping to ignite the imagination and spark even more creative play.  Achieve a natural playground look with Organic Robinia or a colorful play space with KOMPAN EcoCoreTM .


Sand and water are two simple materials that feed the imagination and creativity of children of all ages. The different textures of sand mixed with water play make way for hours of fun and creativity.

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