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That little extra for fun and for learning In free play, children learn by following their natural instinct to play and thereby develop fundamental human skills. With KOMPAN’s musical and educational equipment, you can add an extra dimension to learning through play. The panels can guide you towards specific learning topics for your child. The panels allow adults to join the play and guide children towards learning new things: drawing on the chalk boards, playing together on the music panels, or by planting a little seed in the vegetable garden box and follow it as it grows. KOMPAN’s musical and educational panels allow you to design your own learning area that fits your vision.

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The manipulative play panel offers ample opportunity for cause-and-effect and sand play. The numbers can be named and used in play, supporting the child’s communication, language and the understanding of numeracy. On the one side, play spheres can be manipulated around the grooves and the steering...

The Music Pipes offer sensory variation with a tuned and tonal sound outcome and are great trainers of cause and effect and hand-eye coordination. The black rubber flaps can be plunked so that sounds occur. Sounds can also be created just by clapping at the tubes. The stage is set for a wide...