Music & Learning Equipment

Touch, experience, hear, wonder, move & interact 

No space is too small to stimulate play. The freestanding play panels from KOMPAN can fit in anywhere and are also a great complement to complete the perfect playground. 

The various panels can guide you towards specific learning topics for your child while inviting adults to join the play and guide children toward even more exploration.  Freestanding Play panels encourage socialization and turn taking as children create and learn together.  

With the aptly named Manipulative Play Panel, children can set tasks and problems to solve. The chalk and magnetic white boards invite creative play with friends. With the irresistible Music Play Panel, a KOMPAN take on the xylophone,  a spring fob is released, sending a note around the playground.  Listen as a combination of notes becomes music.

Combine Play Panels any way you like. They come standard in one, two, three or four sections, but the rest is up to you. Choose your material, colors, shapes, and play activities for panels and posts.