Cableways and Ziplines

King of thrills

All across schools and parks, one look at all the children lined up for ziplines and cableways and you can understand why they're one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment! 

And just waiting for the ride is a development factor in children. As they anticipate the thrill ride, they communicate, improve social skills, learn to be considerate, and take turns.  After the exhilarating ride to the end, there is the moment of social responsibility, checking if there is anyone waiting, and returning the seat to them. 

KOMPAN's double zipline turns the social fun up a notch. Children have the opportunity to be social and have fun together as they share the excitement of the ride. Additionally, the zipline also incorporates an element of friendly competition. Children can learn the important life skills of winning, losing and good sportsmanship.

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