Sky Play

A Sky Play structure is an entire playground in one play structure. It stands out as a unique landmark and creates attention and curiosity. It attracts people to come closer and explore this remarkable play structure, and when children see the Sky Cabin, they want to climb up and into it! The route initially leads through an imposing climbing net. The three-dimensional universe has endless possibilities of joyful play and can keep children enthusiastic for hours while developing their creativity and physical skills together with friends.

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A perfect play experience including a frisson of excitement. Climbers that have fully explored the Sky Cabin can bravely throw themselves down the large tunnel slide – an unforgettable experience to be repeated. So go back to the starting point and climb up again.


Sky Walk


High above the ground the Sky Walk provides an entrance to a world of play. Height is really experienced in the passageway thanks to the swinging rope construction. The strenuous climb is rewarded by a thrilling tunnel journey back down to the ground.


The Giant Spacenet is a magnificent play event that attracts children and adults alike for hours of explorative rope climbing, bouncing and togetherness. The daring heights and the dramatic views from the top of the Spacenet adds to the feeling of achievement.

The Tree Top facades of genuine Robinia wood blend in perfectly in any environment. Follow the squirrel’s trail up in the air, bridge over from one station to another and take a ride down while daylight flashes through the ‘bullseye’ windows on the tube slide’s roof. This compact package is the


At the peak of the structures are the adventures sky cabins. Here children will feel the achievement and self-confidence of being at the top and overlooking the entire area. The sky cabin is also a meeting point and a hide-away in which imaginative play takes place. The sky cabin forms an entrance to the sky walk system, eight metres above the ground, branching out in different directions. Sliding down is the final thrill. The strenuous climb is rewarded by a thrilling tunnel journey back down to the ground, and make the children want to climb it again.