Let the imagination run wild: Climb with the spiders on the Spider’s Web or go fishing with the Cutter Nets. The Small Fishing Net with its eight-metre high masts is something of an eye-catcher. The net can be accessed from all sides, and different mesh sizes and shifted levels provide various difficulties and challenges for children of all ages.

Even more play value is packed into the Corocord Fishing Net With Crow’s Nest. Besides its high above lookout, the most diverse variety of funnel nets, links, seats and surfaces is waiting to be conquered. The structure offers a huge play capacity and a great potential for role play. A stainless steel slide is rounding up this playful package, bringing the children back to the ground level, so they can start the journey all over again! The clear geometry of the Play Net, Climetric and the Twisted Net, where it is never clear whether one is on top or below, represents some classic shapes that will blend discretely into any landscape.

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