Domes & Arches


Corocord Domes are beautiful landmarks and true WOW solutions offering attraction, exploration and high play capacity for numerous children. With net layers spanned in between big steel arches, they offer a unique combination of versatile play activities on a small footprint.

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Arc Tunnel

The Arc Tunnel provides great 3-dimensional net climbing opportunities as kids can either climb around the outside of the net structure or through the tunnel in the center. Children can also just find a place to relax with their friends, either sitting in the center of the net or finding a seat on...



Stainless steel arches define its form and support the outer skin: the rope net is divided up through membrane strips. Climbing on either the inside or the outside provides challenges and play for various age groups.


Fish Trap


The Fish Trap consists of two interlaced networks of robust Corocord rope and steel frames, which taper towards the middle, offering a world of climbing challenges.


The design of the Performer Arch stems from Swiss artist Paul Klee’s use of colorful patchwork and geometric shapes. The colored patches are visually attractive, and offer an interesting tactile experience. Children will use cross-lateral movements, to cross the arch efficiently. The floating orb is...

The Explorer Arch is a new type of net climbing structure. The openness is immediately interesting to kids and they soon find themselves climbing along a challenging tree branch full of ropes. Hanging upside-down from their knees and navigating around their friends, children will spend hours...

Ocean Arch


The Ocean Arch is the perfect alternative to the Ocean Dome when smaller footprint is required.


The Classic Dome captures the enjoyable and challenging nature of pure climbing with no limits. Soaring into the sky to a majestic height, it fascinates and invites children into a world of climbing, while its transparent structure complements your playground beautifully.

Just like the Performer Arch, The Performer Dome’s design stems from Swiss artist Paul Klee’s use of color patchwork and geometric shapes. The Dome net structure invites children to move from room to room. Panel climbing, net climbing and climbing walls all offer a variety of ways to navigate the...

Ocean Dome

The framed 3D net construction offers compact bouncy climbing for many users balancing and working their way to the top and down, around and through the meshwork of the net. Children can play for hours climbing or hangout in this thematic net structure. The vertical climb takes you to the curly...

The Explorer Dome is a combination of the Classic Dome and the Explorer Arch. This climbing net structure is designed to appeal to children’s imaginations as there are no prescribed climbing routes. Various ropes and ladders encourage children to stretch, jump, sway, balance, hang, bend, and...

The varied physical, cognitive and social challenges that make play and activity appeal to 6-12-year olds are all contained within one framework in the big Corocord Domes. And even the mini versions will add to any play area the bouncy climbing and varied balancing challenges that benefit this age group. Corocord Domes are available in a very compact form with only one arch, or as expansive installations under a dome of robust steel arches. The rope nets in their interior, in many cases equipped with colourful membranes, climbing walls and other elements, provide varied and limitless playing fun at all times.