Conceptual product

SkyTwister Sensory

Conceptual product

SkyTwister Sensory

The Sensory SkyTwister is a spectacular dynamic and ever-changing play tower.

The top part of the tower is made from transparent dichroic polycarbonate that changes and reflects different colors depending on the viewer’s angle, the sunlight, the time of day, and the time of the year.  

The color-changing experience is different from the inside of the tower, as here, the colors look different from the outside view.  

Looking through the colored polycarbonate panels, the surroundings reflect in all the colors of the rainbow.  

The SkyTwister holds movable optical plates with moiré patterns and a hanging pod that can sway and turn following the movements of the other children climbing the net of the structure.  

The tower is modular and with printed polycarbonate plates, the SkyTwister can be customized to fit any request.  


Conceptual product

A conceptual product from KOMPAN Design Studio is pure inspiration, but can serve as a starting point for your specific play landmark. Our skilled designers at KOMPAN Design Studio can take any idea or concept and create an architectural gem for you.

Potential Specifications

Max. fall height:
Total height:
Fall space dimensions
829 x 1165cm


‘The bent and tilted posts give the illusion that the SkyTwister is turning and twisting towards the sky. This feeling is enhanced by the extended nets that follow the shape and twists towards the center of the tower, like a vortex.’

KOMPAN Design Studio

Concept Designers Team