Conceptual product

Nimbus Cloud

Conceptual product

Nimbus Cloud

The Nimbus Cloud is almost 23 feet high and a really bouncy climbing structure. The space on top is for softly bouncing walks and crawls, while the inside is for “wilder” climbing and jumping.

With different net colors on the top and bottom, the Nimbus Cloud stands out and can be modified to any color combination.

The top level can be reached from all four sides via access nets or the more challenging liana ropes with EPDM discs.

The inside can be entered directly using the two climbing ladders and of course, through the central tunnel around the support post.

Underneath, the structure holds a wide range of play activities such as hanging pods and EPDM balls.


Conceptual product

A conceptual product from KOMPAN Design Studio is pure inspiration, but can serve as a starting point for your specific play landmark. Our skilled designers at KOMPAN Design Studio can take any idea or concept and create an architectural gem for you.

Potential Specifications

Max. fall height:
Total height:
Fall space dimensions:
1388 x 1388cm


‘We made the top and bottom stand out with two different net colors and these can be modified to any color combination our customers can dream of.’

KOMPAN Design Studio

Concept Designers Team