COROCORD™ Rope Climbing Playground Equipment

The unique design of our rope climbing playground equipment offers multiple design options and endless possibilities for customization, whether it's climbing playground equipment for schools or other commecial climbing playground equipment. These net rope climbing play structures are specially designed for playgrounds that encourage physical play and development. 

Also known as Spacenets, this rope net playground equipment can be designed in many ways for a variety of purposes, including parkour courses, domes, spheres, Loops, Frisbees, rope bridge playgrounds, and more.

If you are looking for more natural wooden rope climbing playground structures - Please click the link to visit our section for natural climbing equipment. 

Climbing play equipment for all ages

From sky-high play towers to early climbing playground equipment, KOMPAN's line of rope climbing playground equipment has something fun for everyone: for the little tikes learning to climb to the daring tweens and teens who love to socialize by climbing to the tippity top of our climbing playground equipment. Our team can help you determine what age group and playground equipment is perfect for your outdoor space. 

Need advice?

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