Outdoor Training

Challenging, Physical, Focused

KOMPAN provides top of the line outdoor training solutions that can boost strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Our designs are built to last, and are backed by research proven to enhance outdoor workouts. From cross training systems to obstacle courses we can provide an innovative solution tailored to your needs that will amplify your training. 



Cross System training is flexible to fit all user groups. It's a form of exercise that combines the best activties of various sports, resulting in a diverse and complete training session. The basic exercies are the same regardless of a participant's age or fitness level, but the load and intensity adapt to match their needs and abilities.  All exercises focus on functional movements that people experience in everyday life, but are focused and performed at a higher rate. 

Our cross training solution is ideal for group or individual training. Because people can comfortably train side by side in a compact area, they can easily learn from watching more exprienced users. This in turn will provide more confidence and motivataion to follow through with a complete full workout.


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KOMPAN's Obstacle Course is a fun way to be phsyically active. It simultaneously challenges both phsyical and mental strength. With high structures for upper body exercises, and short consecutive exercises for agility, obstacle courses allow development in all areas without the need to forgo one skillset for another. Our solid and innovative structures, have made it possible to create new dynamic and challenging obstacales while maintaining a high level of safety.

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Street Workout is an innovative high intensity solution. It's a combination of parkour, calisthenics, and various other sports. Based on bodyweight training, it has both strength and dynamic elements. Workout objectives are based off having complete control over body movement as you shift into various positions. Creativity is also encouraged as countless exercises can be created by combing different movement patterns. 

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