Oulu Finland

Kaakonpoika Kindergarten’s 10-year-old outdoor play area was in need of renovation. In addition to general upgrades, the kindergarten wanted a separate, fenced-off area for the youngest children, and an area where the older children could play sports. It was important to the staff and parents that any new playground should offer something for all age groups from 0 to 6. Additional challenges included dealing with an unused concrete pool, envisioned as the sport area but currently blocking views, and ensuring the durability required for use not only during opening hours, but also in the evenings.

To meet these challenges, Kaakonpoika turned to KOMPAN for help. Working closely with the kindergarten’s staff, KOMPAN drew a plan that converted a previously unused green area into the playground for younger children. This playground would incorporate a new educational product for toddlers – Green House & Florist – and a fence would surround the whole area. Since removing the problematic concrete pool would have been too costly, it was opened up, fenced in, and turned into a basketball and floorball court for the older children. A sandy area was enlarged, and some old playground equipment was replaced with new – while elements that were still in good condition were left in place.

The children are crazy about the Green House & Florist element. The sports area ended up being a perfect solution for the older children, while a larger sandy area provides more space for creativity, and a new bird’s nest swing and hill slide are popular during and after hours. The Kaakonpoika staff are happy about being able to keep an eye on children through the transparent fence around the pool sport area, about the safety and popularity of the new spring items – and of course about the fact that everyone else is happy!


Today, everyone is happy with the new playground. The little ones love having their own space and equipment that matches their size and abilities

“We didn’t want the smaller kids to be rolled over by the older ones, so we created their completely own yard for the smaller children on the greenspace that was not used before.”

Piritta Kivimäki

Case designer

Oulu Kindergarten

Oulu, Oulu , Finland