Organic Robinia Play Structures

Organic Robinia Play Structures

KOMPAN Organic Robinia playgrounds are eye-catching, elegant, and natural. With a full-service program, including design, installation, and maintenance, these playgrounds are a great fit for any environment. Robinia structures come in all shapes and sizes and are designed with plenty of ground level activities accessible for all ages and ability levels. Certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, our strong, durable, and rot resistant Robinia wood is sourced sustainably, and coated with environmentally safe paint.

Blend In or Stand Out

Robinia wood has winding shapes and is perfect for creating unique natural play equipment that blends in perfectly with nature or brings nature to an urban setting. Robinia can be seamlessly integrated to any natural environment or make a big splash by being a landmark design. Robinia wood playgrounds are awe-inspiring for both children and adults alike! Children's faces light up when they see our larger than life ship and castle playgrounds. Our natural playscapes mimic the gentle asymmetry, soft bends, and calming colors found in nature with quality craftmanship and inventive design. The organic forms are a nice refuge from the metallic angular forms of urban life. The versatility of nature allows children to freely explore into the properties of physics. With options for sand and water activities, thematic designs, and hand carved animal sculptures, our natural playgrounds are an exciting and safe introduction to the wonders of nature.


Organic Robinia Play Structures

   Play Value

At KOMPAN we know that a playground is always more than just a playground. When designs really motivate play, they benefit child development. KOMPAN natural Playgrounds significantly improve health, learning and social inclusion - and all of it on children's terms. Skills such as motor, sensory, social, emotional, creative and cognitive, are all trained voluntarily on a good natural playground. Many cities successfully use playgrounds to provide a unique, playful framework for social inclusion and interaction.They unite people in play and include all abilities on a common social ground.

Creative Play - Thematic ship and castle designs make it easy for kids to be transported to a world of wonder through role play. This is essential for the development of creative thinking and problem solving.

Physical Play - Robinia structures have integrated rope elements and climbing entrances to create graduated strength challenges for all ages.

Social Play - Designed with many hang out areas and ground level activities, Robinia designs are perfect for creating inclusive spaces for children to socialize.

Cognitive Play - Interaction with natural wood, sand, and water is a great way to develop children's sensory literacy and introduce them to the natural elements.



  Quality Materials

To ensure the best quality throughout the entire process, we have built a new, world-class factory focusing entirely on production of Organic Robinia. We only select the finest wood and use only the most durable heartwood in our production. Robinia wood has a high content of naturally occurring preservatives, and doesn't need to be treated for rot in any way. Its very dense composition makes it very resistant to splintering, humidity damage and water penetration.



Robinia Service Program

KOMPAN wants to ensure that your new Organic Robinia playground is maintained in the best possible condition. The KOMPAN Service Program ensures that your playground is regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with the KOMPAN maintenance manual and in a manner that is easy and convenient for you. 


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