Normanby Hall Playground

A playground, tailor-made to the local heritage, attracts more visitors

The KOMPAN playground fits in perfectly to the setting at Normanby Hall Country Park. Because Normanby Hall is listed as a heritage site, the playground has to be a perfect fit for the park. Normanby Hall is a Regency mansion in North Lincolnshire, England. It's owned by the Sheffield family, former Dukes of Buckingham, and the original owners of Buckingham Palace. 

Today, the hall is cared for by the local council and is a popular day trip for locals and tourists alike. The local council had a wish to make the park attractive for families to visit and also come back. The number of visitors has recently tripled, and the new KOMPAN playground was a key factor.

The perfectly matched playground

KOMPAN designers worked tightly within rules governing colors, height and size to make a Normanby-themed playground that follows heritage guidelines and looks into the history of the community.

The playground has a wide variety of equipment to offer play activities for all ages and many children at the same time. Thrills can be obtained in the mega deck play tower or the fast zipline, and social play takes place in the Corocord Performer Dome that can hold up to 52 playing children at the same time. 







KOMPAN was creative. They listened to what we wanted to do. They offered suggestions. (...) and nothing was too much trouble.

Sandra Simmons

Head of Participation & Achievement

North Lincolnshire Council

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