Round and round it goes

The NetTwister is a whirlwind of spinning, jumping, climbing fun.

Built using the highest quality materials

Steel enforced Corocord Rope & S-clamps


The rope used on the Net twister is the famous 19mm steel reinforced Hercules rope. The s-clamps are highly durable and prevent fingers being nipped while playing.   

The strongest of frames for wild play


The steel frame is made of hot dip galvanised steel making it highly durable in relation to heavy usage and being in the outdoors. 

A deck for jumping off and on again & again


The deck is made of High pressure Laminate and has a thickness of 17,8mm. A deck that will last for many years of play.

Social play and physical activity in one

Getting the NetTwister to spin takes quite a bit effort and teamwork for children. Running around the NetTwister with cheering friends sitting on top provides excellent cardiovascular and strength training as they push and pull together. Children practice taking turns while encouraging one another.  

The Net Twister offers hours of physical and social fun. Children practice collaboration, turn taking and communication skills while on the Net twister.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute