Motivating Play: User Inclusion in Play Design Webinar

In this session we will discuss the human need to play in light of the impact of urbanization and trends in active and livable cities. Humans have a deep need to play for our physical fitness, our social and emotional well-being, and to nourish our creative potential. Active cities with places to play can help make this happen. In this session we will consider equipment and play features that have been designed in consultation with people who play. We will provide examples of how children have been consulted in the design of equipment and how universal design principles can contribute to a play space that is truly inclusive and a compelling place for people to be. We will highlight how cities can incorporate playgrounds into master planning in order to enhance activity, sociability and innovation.



  • Gain perspective on global trends in livable cities
  • Learn about the current recommendations for physical activity in the US
  • Learn how well-designed playground equipment that is tested with users of all abilities can enhance play
  • Discuss Universal design principles in playgrounds that are truly inclusive
  • Learn how active cities incorporate playgrounds into master planning

This webinar is accredited for 1 hour of CEU by ASLA and AIA 


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