Double win for KOMPAN

We are thrilled to announce that the KOMPAN Cross Trainer and Arm Bike have both received a prestigious Australian Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Product Design Sport and Lifestyle category in recognition of outstanding design and innovation. Additionally, our efforts have been mutually recognized in the 2021 Korean Good Design Awards.

Cross Trainer

The Good Design Awards Jury said:
"It's great to see the development of self-powered fitness equipment that can be connected to smart devices.
This new concept is the gateway to a world of new possibilities when it comes to minimizing environmental impact, boosting recyclability, and providing free access to high-quality fitness equipment in outdoor spaces.

The solid design looks like it will survive the elements, while the organic shaping makes it appealing too.

The designers should be particularly commended on the extreme durability of the design for public spaces. KOMPAN sets the bar for design excellence in this category, and they've raised it yet again with this design; well done." 

Arm Bike

The Good Design Awards Jury said: "Self-powered fitness equipment that can be connected to smart devices is an important development in this industry. This development opens up real possibilities to reduce environmental footprint, improve end of life recycling and provide free access to quality fitness equipment outside of an indoor gym environment.

This rugged design looks like it will survive the elements but is still appealing to look at.
It's particularly unique to have a product that provides users of all ages and abilities with three user positions; from a wheelchair, standing, or seated on the ergonomic seat.

The KOMPAN team has come up with a great solution. Overall, a standout project that ticks all the boxes for great design in this category. Well done." 

The armbike can be used in multiple ways, check it out here