New Products at KOMPAN

New designs, same great fun!

KOMPAN aims to be the leader in play spaces by creating fun and new experiences through innovative designs.  Our playground equipment is top-of-the line and unique to KOMPAN. New products are designed to encourage children to socialize and play together. From training their imaginations, to improving their sense of balance, our latest innovations are guaranteed to motivate play for all ages and abilities.

Whether it's a completely new playground, or an addition to an existing playground, KOMPAN structures are the perfect fit to enhance any play area!


If your playground is in need of an overhaul, look no further than these amazing new ships from KOMPAN!

Built on a rock-solid structure and equipped with a host of adventurous activities, you will find all you need for kids to create their own high seas adventure. With all the activities to explore and try, the stories can go far and wide across the seven seas! Expect your little pirates to try out their parlaying skills when negotiating whether they can stay for just a few more minutes. Built from recycled and recyclable materials that are durable and maintenance-free, expect your seafaring adventures to be safe and reliable - and for the ships to look great for years to come.


KOMPAN New Ship angled view.JPG  KOMPAN New Ship side view.JPG




Get ready for action and adventures fit for queens and kings alike with the new KOMPAN castles!

Explore the dungeons, prison cells and caves below - or swing from the ramparts to defend your castle from the dragon. From the smallest gatehouse to the largest keep, KOMPAN castles can accommodate every site and age range and provide countless hours of fairy tales and adventures - and you can rest assured that the maintenance-free products made from recycled and recyclable materials keeps your KOMPAN castle safe, reliable and good as new for years to come.

KOMPAN New Castle distant view.JPG  KOMPAN New Castle slide side view.JPG



dynamic carousels

KOMPAN carousels add innovation to the joy of spinning!

Their universal design attracts even teenage users and provides inclusive play opportunities for children with disabilities. Apart from being great fun, the spinners help children practice and improve their sense of balance while building their muscle strength and bone density. It's great exercise and supports children in navigating the world, securely with improved physical literacy and resilience. In KOMPAN Play Institute interviews with older children, they state that spinning until they get dizzy is one of their favorite play activities.


    • Invites a wide user range, with two gripping heights and step support
    • Designed to benefit upper body muscle strength, motor skills, cardio and bone density
    • Benefits social play, allowing room for many
    • Lifetime sealed bearing construction





        • Inclusive spinning for all users and play positions: standing, sitting, lying
        • Benefits social play, allowing room for many children of all ages and abilities
        • Benefits physical literacy and health, motor skills, muscles, cardio, and bone density
        • Lifetime sealed bearing construction




    Thrill is a main motivator of physical play, and swings are truly thrilling!

    Learning to swing takes practice, but once learned, brings children hours of joy. Additionally, it will train the vestibular system for coordination and sense of balance. These fundamental motor skills are crucial for children to develop in order to get around in, and manage, the world around them.

    KOMPAN New Portal Swing kids playing.JPG  KOMPAN New Portal Swing coed kids playing.JPG  KOMPAN New Portal Swing close up view.JPG



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