New ELEMENTS™ TOTS – exploratory and physical play

Being physically active is crucial when you are a tiny toddler. And for a toddler, playing is what will get you active.

New ELEMENTS™ TOTS is a universe of physical and exploratory play events designed to increase toddlers’ activity level and grow their confidence in their own motor-skills.

With the TOTS series, toddlers are encouraged to explore the world around them through a series of responsive play explorations such as manipulative play panels and music panels. Interpreting the responses, they grow their understanding of the world, train their thinking-skills and develop fundamental life skills.

The new ELEMENTS™ TOTS is what toddlers need to become ready for kindergarten, school, and life.

New ELEMENTS™ TOTS play features


Graded universal access

New ELEMENTS™ TOTS has graded universal play access using ramps and transfer platforms. The many ground level activities and accessibility permit users of all abilities to be part of the play.


Sand and water play

Sand and water are two of children’s favorite sensory stimulating play activities. This panel allows for quieter play and has room for toddlers to play side-by-side.


Play panels

The TOTS series offer a great variety in manipulative play panels that train children’s cognitive skills. Above is a panel with a turning disk stimulating logical thinking.


Music panels

Playing with the music panel, toddlers receive and interpret responses to music and sounds. The toddlers can access it from both sides to play and communicate with friends.

TOTS of play in any environment


A color theme for any environment

New ELEMENTS™ TOTS comes in 3 inviting color themes using bright, bold colors. To a toddler, these colors send a clear, happy and warm invitation to come and play.

You can select your next play site in CLASSICBLOSSOM or NATURE color theme. Each color theme is carefully designed to enhance its surroundings - either by being a natural contribution or by bringing something new to an environment. Take for example NATURE - this color theme has the ability to enhance a nature setting with its earthy colors and organic shapes, and help bring the look of nature into an urban setting. Or choose the URBAN theme to give your play site an extra cool look with different, strong-signalling colors. Or go with the CLASSIC look and let your play site enhance its surroundings by being a classic design that appeals to all.


For a tiny toddler, play is how you develop new life skills. New ELEMENTS™ TOTS is a universe of responsive play activities that allow toddlers to explore and grow new skills based on the play responses they get.  

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute


We have more than 45 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.

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