New ELEMENTS™ - Loaded with play

New ELEMENTS™ is all about getting children active and developing vital life skills through physical play. Responsive play and “tickling-in-the-stomach” play events are the greatest motivators of physical play. New ELEMENTS™ is loaded with play activities to give children just that! 

The New ELEMENTS™ series is divided into 3 age groups – each makes up a play universe loaded with age appropriate play activities. TOTS (1-4), GROW (2-6) and GO (6-12).

New ELEMENTS™ TOTS & GROW contain responsive, agile and exploratory play solutions that shape a safe, active and scaffolding play universe. The activities gently nudge the children to expand their horizon, be active and grow new skills as they play.

Besides getting children active, ELEMENTS™ GO is designed to release children’s creativity and innovative thinking skills through what we call Play360. The series’ curved panels allow climbing on the outside of the structure and room for quieter play on the inside.



New ELEMENTS™ offers play for all abilities. The many ground level activities allow all users to access the play structure and play with a great variation of play activities. Ramp solutions allow children in wheelchairs to access a play structure and play alongside friends. The extra width on the ramps make room for a caregiver to accompany the child.

Designed to WOW

New ELEMENTS™ is an aesthetic contribution to its surroundings. The organic shapes, bright colors and open-ended design send a warm, yet untraditional invitation to play that draws children from miles away.

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New ELEMENTS™ TOTS stimulates physical activity with our youngest. Responsive elements and "tickling-in-the-stomach" play event events let toddlers explore the world around them, be active and grow new life skills.

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New ELEMENTS™ GROW is agile, responsive and bouncing play. The GROW series is first mover in bouncing play and offers a great variation in bouncing, fun-loving play features.

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New ELEMENTS™ GO is the ultimate play and activity starter for school aged children. Safe, challenging play features make children play and be physically active for hours and want to come back.

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Play it your way

New ELEMENTS™ is designed on a truly flexible play system that allows a large degree of customization and flexibility. 

The intelligent ELEMENTS™ play system allows you to add, remove and change play activities, materials, construction options and color themes to make it fit your environment and ideas. 

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Tested and approved play value

The real experts on play are the children. Like we always do, the KOMPAN Play Institute has tested New ELEMENTS™ play features with children. 

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"Thrill and "tickling-in-the-stomach" are the greatest motivator of physical play. New ELEMENTS™ is designed to give children just that and get them active through thrilling responsive play events – from the youngest to the oldest."

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

Built to last

The New ELEMENTS™ series is designed using only highly vandalism resistant and durable materials that will make your playground last and look good for a lifetime. 

All posts are galvanized and powder coated making them highly resistant to corrosion.

The panels and roofs have got a maximum of UV-stabilization making them resistant to fading in the sun.

The platform decks are made of 18 mm thick high-pressure laminate supported by an aluminum frame making them very resistant to wear and tear.

The ropes are steel reinforced and highly vandalism resistant, and are impossible to wear through.

And the series offers a 10 year spare part guarantee.


We have more than 45 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project

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