ELEMENTS™ GROW is loaded with play activities with the primary purpose of growing preschool children’s physical activity level and confidence in their own motor skills.

The GROW series is the first play series to offer bouncing play as a part of a post and platform play structure. Bouncing rubber membranes in different combinations and bouncing levels offer an extra layer of fun and physical development.

A balanced mixing of physical, cognitive and social play

New ELEMENTS™ GROW is a scaffolding play universe that secures a 360 ͦ development of vital child skills. The GROW universe leaves room for both quieter play where cognitive, creative and social skills are stimulated, and for physical and bouncing play events where the child grows confidence in their own motor skills.

New ELEMENTS™ GROW play features

Bounce, bounce, bounce...


New Elements Grow adds a whole new stimulating movement to play structures with its bouncing activities. Bouncing is a muscle and motor skills stimulating movement. And the children love it! Either alone or with a friend.

Inside & outside play


The curved multi play panels offer 360 ͦ play. A unique sense of space for a quite retreat on the inside and a more challenging climbing experience on the outside. The wholes serve as footholds and handles for climbing and motivators for social play through the panels. 

Climb and glide


The new rubber climber is a fun new way of climbing. The rubber membrane moves slightly as the children climb up and provides a soft, muscle stimulation.

3D climbing net


The 3D climbing net offers an entirely new way of climbing for the youngest. Instead of going up, this net allows for horizontal climbing and social play and dramtic play.

Play to GROW in any environment 


A color theme for any environment

New ELEMENTS™ GROW comes in 3 inviting color themes using bright, bold colors. The strong design gives a New ELEMENTS™ GROW play site a happy, warm and inviting look that appeals to younger children.

You can select your next play site in a CLASSICBLOSSOM or NATURE color theme. Each color theme is carefully designed to enhance its surroundings - either by being a natural contribution or by bringing something new to an environment. Take for example NATURE - this color theme has the ability to enhance a nature setting with its earthy colors and organic shapes or help bring the look of nature into an urban setting. Or choose a BLOSSOM theme to give your play site a playful look to bring warmth and happiness into an environment. Or lastly, go with a CLASSIC look and let your play site enhance its surroundings by being a classic design icon that appeals to the vast majority.


Growing confidence in own motor skills is vital for a child to become self-confident and be able to interact with friends and engage in play. New ELEMENTS™ GROW shapes a universe of physical and cognitive play explorations to help children grow confidence in their motor-skills.    

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute


We have more than 45 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.

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