New nature-inspired spinners

Three of children’s all-time favorite spinners now come inspired by nature

Every playground needs a great spinner to spin, spin, spin the children into dizzying FUN! 

With the addition of three new spinners in the nature play portfolio, nature playgrounds can now also offer iconic spinning fun for children of all ages and abilities. The three new spinners deliver very different play experiences. In common though, they all have the unique ability to exhilarate children at a level that follow the child’s individual age and willingness to be challenged.  

The large tilted Supernova ring offers a unique spinning sensation where children can either lie, sit or stand. The smallest children can use it seated while their parents give them a spin. Older children find it especially exhilarating and challenging to stand up on it and to do tricks. The Spinner Bowl is a safe and secure place to settle into and spin to the brink of dizziness. The Tipi Carousel welcomes children of all ages and abilities. The uniquely designed top brace can both serve as support and an element that increases the fun. 


Nature’s mate


The warm nature look allows the new natural looking spinners to blend in perfectly on nature playgrounds and nature settings, adding a whole new movement sensation to a nature playground.

Simple design - advanced fun


The Spinner Bowl evokes squeals of joy when children rotate again and again. The tilted bowl allows children to adjust the spinning speed with their own body movements. 

Spinning for all abilities


For play to be fun, it has to offer exhiliration. And spinning is one of the activities that can do that. The Tipi Carousel and Spinner Bowl are designed to embrace all children and offer extra support if the child needs it.

New research shows that it isn’t merely children’s bodies and sense of balance that benefit from spinning. A great sense of balance affects their learning skills positively: a great sense of balance is closely connected to mathematical skills

Jeanette Fich Jespersen, Head of KOMPAN Play Institute