New assortment for Toddler and Preschool supporting maximum play value


KOMPAN aims to maximize benefits for our smallest citizens with a new product range

All research demonstrates that the first years of life are foundational for the rest of our lives. Therefore, one of the best things we can do for our children is support their development. KOMPAN answers this call with its new line of play structures for society’s smallest citizens: MOMENTS Mini. What does this new line have to offer?


Age-specific Play Structures The Moments Mini portfolio is divided in two age groups: toddlers and preschoolers. According to Dr. Justin Markussen from the KOMPAN Play Institute, age-specific play options for children are especially important in early childhood: “Toddlers and preschoolers develop at an astonishing rate. We have used our insight into child development to design structures that are highly suitable for children at different development stages.” He continues, “The needs of a two-year-old are very different than the needs of five-year-old.”

Play Panels for Learning

In addition to age-appropriate size and scaling, the Mini portfolio also features a number of new play-based learning panels. The panels support a number of skills and competences such as fine and gross motor skills, cross-coordination, abstract thinking and emotional development. “Through Mini’s extensive design process, we observed again and again that intelligently designed panels teach kids a lot, while they remain a lot of fun for the user,” says Cathrine Lüttge, designer on Moments Mini.


Completely Customizable & Market-leading Quality

Moments Mini brings customization to a new level. The client is able to choose between a number of options including slides, play panels, post materials and more. Get the play structure that perfectly fits your users’ needs.

All of these innovations are of course backed by KOMPAN’s leading warranties and over 40 years of experience. Moments Mini is just another example, that KOMPAN is a world leader in promoting children’s development through play.