Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in the Park

Parks play a vital role in the urban infrastructure. They're a place for physical activity, for families and communities to gather and socialize, and to simply relax. Creating a multi-purpose area is important to have in mind when designing an active recreation area.

There's an impressive difference in having an open field and a closed Multi Use Games Area. In the transparent, yet enclosed environment of the MUGA, balls do not go flying around that easily. This tends to intensify the ball game as there are fewer involuntary breaks,  while simultaneously not disturbing the people on the outside.

In the video below, you can learn about the new KOMPAN MUGA system that can fit any park or natural setting:

3 Tips for parks

1. Make a dedicated sports area where people know play is allowed and will not disturb other park users.

2. Choose the durable and maintenance-free Wood Plastic Composite panel that blends in to the natural environment.

3. Combine meeting space and playground to bring the community together.

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