Longleaf Fitness Center, USA

Bringing Military Families Together

A housing developer in Jacksonville, FL wanted to attract families to their new community, Longleaf. Working with KOMPAN, they have brought a new outdoor fitness site for residents to come together and exercise.

The KOMPAN Cross system offers the residents the strength and cardio exercises of a full gym, but with the advantage of enjoying the weather of Florida and engaging with neighbors. Each station can be used with the KOMPAN Fitness app to instruct users on different exercises and each exercise is scalable. This means that regardless of the users current skill level, beginner or elite athlete, everyone can get a great workout.

Watch our video to see the impact the new fitness site is having on Longleaf and for the developer.

Kompan Longleaf 2019 Web-110.jpg

Kompan Longleaf 2019 Web-111.jpg

Kompan Longleaf 2019 Web-106.jpg

Kompan Longleaf 2019 Web-107.jpg


It looked amazing. I was impressed.

Zenzi Rogers

Forward Planning Manager - Lennar Jacksonville

Longleaf Fitness Center

FL, Jacksonville 32222, USA

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