When creating the perfect settings for leisure time, it’s important to think about how people using the area want to spend their time. In a family orientated setting, the right non-commercial activities can have a considerable impact on customer satisfaction, user loyalty and, ultimately, turnover.

Time together slowing down from everyday life is valuable so excursions, events and holidays are being carefully planned to guarantee success. Websites are being investigated, blogs and rating sites read, and friends and family questioned for inspiration for the next destination. Great customer experience and ambassadors are crucial for future flow of visitors.


  • Create an environment where all ages can have fun, feel free, relax and and socialise.
  • Provide spaces to move, thus encouraging both children and adults to be physically active.
  • Encourage creativity in children, inspiring them to invent games and discover new ways to play and meet new friends.

KOMPAN has plenty of experience from all over the world in assisting the leisure industry with high quality solutions, securing a well planned process from design to maintenance, both for updates and new complete projects.

Together we can create tailor made solutions from our broad range assortment, whether it’s playgrounds, sport games or fitness equipment - or bespoken solutions designed from scratch through our KOMPAN Design Studio using experts within design and innovation.

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